My New Book on Amazon!

I finally decided to publish a book of poetry and flash fiction on Amazon Direct Publishing. I wanted to see how the process worked. My book has been up a week now available on Kindle and paperback and so far…
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My DNA Journey

My DNA Kit Journey By Tawsha Brinkley Davenport One of the hot Christmas gifts this past year were DNA kits from Ancestry and other places. I was always interested in doing one, but it was just a thought. About six…
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My mid century living room

I finally have my living room looking how I want it to, after three years of searching for the right Mid Century pieces. My latest addition was this neat chair a friend of mine traded with me. She purchased it…
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The Beginning of a new me!

A New Me! Hi everyone, I am finally going to make this site active. I am beginning a new chapter in my life, becoming a healthier me and basically discovering who I am. This Friday, Sept. 8 I am undergoing…
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Vintage Mink Stole

A Mid Century woman’s wardrobe wasn’t complete without a mink stole. It was the must needed accesory to complete your outfit. To my surprise I found a beautiful one at a thrift two weeks ago for $5. I would never…
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1950 Roy Rogers camera

I was so exited when I saw this, that I had to have it. A 1950 Roy Rogers and Trigger 620 Snap Shot Camera Camera by Herbert George Company of Chicago, Illinois. It is just a simple box camera, that…
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World War II scrapbook

Recently I purchased a World War II scrapbook. I basically saved it from being torn apart one piece at a time to be sold on ebay. As I examine the scrapbook I find many postcards of the early 1940s novelty,…
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New appliance

So excited today I bought a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer 17-A. It isn’t the model I was looking for, but it is 44 years old! It came with two bowls and beaters. I am now looking for attachments. I would…
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Retro sewing anyone?

Recently I found a great website if you are interested in retro sewing. We Sew Retro is a wonderful website and Facebook Group. I first found them by accident, I was searching Facebook for retro groups to join. It captured…
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New Mid Century Lamp!

Today I bought a “new” Mid Century bakelite and brass table lamp. It is so neat! There are gold atomic stars painted on the base. It makes a great addition to my growing lamp collection!