50’s Style

Topics of what makes the Mid Century Era so alluring to many, from makeup, hair, fashion, decor, architecture, fads, and more!

My mid century living room

I finally have my living room looking how I want it to, after three years of searching for the right Mid Century pieces. My latest addition was this neat chair a friend of mine traded with me. She purchased it…
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The Beginning of a new me!

A New Me! Hi everyone, I am finally going to make this site active. I am beginning a new chapter in my life, becoming a healthier me and basically discovering who I am. This Friday, Sept. 8 I am undergoing…
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Vintage Mink Stole

A Mid Century woman’s wardrobe wasn’t complete without a mink stole. It was the must needed accesory to complete your outfit. To my surprise I found a beautiful one at a thrift two weeks ago for $5. I would never…
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Retro sewing anyone?

Recently I found a great website if you are interested in retro sewing. We Sew Retro is a wonderful website and Facebook Group. I first found them by accident, I was searching Facebook for retro groups to join. It captured…
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New Mid Century Lamp!

Today I bought a “new” Mid Century bakelite and brass table lamp. It is so neat! There are gold atomic stars painted on the base. It makes a great addition to my growing lamp collection!

Cosco stepstool

Last week I finally found a retro Cosco step ladder stool. I really wanted a vintage one, but this one will do until I find one.

My recipe box!

When I was in college at Norman, Oklahoma many years ago, I was driving around, probally should have been in class, but I found the neatest little shop. It was a small grocery and antique store combined. Antiques were scattered…
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Go right on red, lipstick that is!

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” Great quote by actress Elizabeth Taylor. I am not quite sure about the drink part. For some it may help, for some not. If you are like me…
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Some of my favorites!

I so love Mid Century daily fashion, hair, and makeup. For years I have purchased vintage clothing, but it wasn’t until recently that I have actually wore any. My next sewing project I am planning on a dress. Here are…
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1950s Virgin Mary PBN

I so love this! This is a perfect example of Mid Century Kitsch. I am not Catholic, but there is something about Virgin Mary art that just speaks to me. Paint By Numbers Art are very collectable. I was collecting…
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