Daily Cleaning Schedule

My Cleaning Schedule

There are so many lists found on the Internet and in old women’s magazines about how to clean like a proper 1950’s wife. Some are very detailed and long. One would wonder how a woman then found enough hours in the day.
After some research and actually “cleaning,” for a week I came up with this schedule which works for me.
I will try to stick to this schedule with the exception of family activities and shopping day!7e5396fe3fdc932c66b0559080b5c987

Summer Cleaning Schedule

Daily Chores:

Wash clothes
Wash Dishes
Make lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast.
Layout clothes for husband
Take inside thrash outside to garbage cans.

Put outside thrash cans at curb.
Dust Day
Wipe down all walls, ceiling fan, and light fixtures.
Dust furniture, tables, electronics.
Wash Bed linens
Vacuum area rugs.
Sweep and mop floors.
Fold and put away laundry.
Spray oven with cleaner for next day.


Bathroom/Kitchen Day
Clean commodes and bathtub.
Wash counter tops and mirrors.
Sweep/mop floors.

Clean cabinet doors, counter tops.
Clean refrigerator, microwave, oven.
Clean all appliances.
De-clutter anything.
Fold/iron laundry

Bedrooms Day
Organize something.
Throw away/or donate unneeded items.
Clean bedroom floors, empty wastebaskets.
Vacuum all area rugs.
Lightly dust.

Put outside thrash cans at curb.
Much like Monday
Clean as needed
Plan weekend project
Clean glass doors and windows
Fold and put away laundry

Outside chores
Sweep entry ways
Pick up any limbs in front and backyard.
Mow and weed grass as needed.
Work in gardens.

Project Day
Do all daily chores and whatever needs done.
Begin a sewing project, paint interior of house, any type of craft, or bake something.
Work until time to prepare for dinner.

Same as Saturday

1950s paint ad, couple painting their house[5]