When it comes to housework and choosing what products to use in cleaning, there is nothing more satisifying to me than making my own products.


I so hate throwing away more money than is needed on cleaning. In my house I have both wood and laminate flooring. I have children and a husband whom are in and out all day tracking up the floors, so I had to find something that would clean and not be too harsh. After researching and trying several homemade products I found two that works well for me. The best part is they are each made out of household products I already had in my pantry!20150617_141958

First for laminate floor I mix the following in my mop bucket:

2 gallon warm water
1 cup white vinegar
1 T liquid dish cleaner (cheapest brand possible)
1 cup baking soda.

That’s it, so simple and it works. Sometimes if I want a lemon scent, I will add a tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice or the juice of one fresh lemon.
I mix this as I need it. 20150617_142312

For my wood floors:
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1 tsp. Vegtable oil
4 cups of water

Mix in a lidded bottle and shake. It is great for scratches as well. First I either pour a little on the floor or I spray it on the floor, then use a damp mop, making sure not to leave behind any oily spots. This can be made ahead of time.