Snap Shots

Who doesn’t love old snapshots? If you are like me you absolutely love them. There is just something about an old photograph. I study the image and wonder what the person was like? Were they happy? Occupation? Where did they get that dress? Ha, I suppose I over analyze them. But I hate nothing more to be at a tag sale or thrift and see a stack of forgotten photos thrown into an unwanted pile. I want to take them all home with me. There is  just something about the eyes that talk to me. Afterall once upon a time they were somebody, laughing, living and loving someone.

When I decorated the 50’s Diner that we owned a few years ago. I wanted to do someting different . Instead of celebrating the life of the “usual celebrities” Monroe, Dean, Holly one sees at these type of retro places. I wanted the diner to be about the people of the era. The working class, the men, the housewives, the teens, the children.

Since the diner has closed I still have all of these images and more. I hate to just store them in a box to be forgotten like those found in yard sales, so I will share them here along with my Grandfather’s World War II snapshots on this page.

Hope everyone enjoys the real people of the 1940’s and 1950’s frozen in time.