The Beginning of a new me!

A New Me!

Hi everyone,
I am finally going to make this site active. I am beginning a new chapter in my life, becoming a healthier me and basically discovering who I am.
This Friday, Sept. 8 I am undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Dirk Rodriguez in Dallas, Texas. He was recommended to me by my doctor.
When I met him four weeks ago I felt comfortable with him. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Also, I have read many good reviews about him.
As well as personal testimonies from people in my hometown that has had success with him.
Still I am getting very scared and worried about the entire process. Gastric Sleeve surgery isn’t the easy way out. It will take a life time commitment.

But I am certainly ready for it. It seems for so long I have been taking care of everyone else. It just feels like it is the right time to take care of me too. I am adding m e to my every day to do list and it feels great!
I am packed and ready just three days to go. I will update here and show my progress as time permits. I don’t want to show any before pictures until I have some after.
When I began this journey four weeks ago I looked around for an app for my food diary. I started using MyPlate, it works fairly well. It is easy to log exercise and daily water amounts. But as I joined the Gastric Sleeve support groups on Facebook I discovered Baritastic.
I like it much better I can log and search food for the food diary. There is a countdown to my surgery date, weight loss, inches, and timers etc.

Since being on the pre-op diet I have lost 17 pounds and 8 inches. Yeah me. I hope to lose at least 25 by my surgery, I have three days left on my liquid diet. I have been drinking Atkins Vanilla shakes, Premier Chocolate (although I really don’t like the Premier) Premier has 30 grams of protein and Atkins only has 15g. I drink water all day long. If I am hungry I eat a sugar free Jello. For dinner clear broth. Then more water. So far it is okay. I have only cheated once.

I am so looking forward to this journey and wearing Vintage clothes, my ultimate goal after beginning healthy! lol