World War II scrapbook

Recently I purchased a World War II scrapbook. I basically saved it from being torn apart one piece at a time to be sold on ebay.

As I examine the scrapbook I find many postcards of the early 1940s novelty, real picture, and landmark postcards. There is only one personal picture in the book which is indeed a picture of the two owners, Clark and Jack.

This particular scrapbook belonged to two men, Pvt. Emmit Clark who was based in a Army Air Base in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Emmitt’s postcards are mainly addressed to his “pal,” Jimmy Todd. A few are addressed to Janet Todd Jimmy’s wife, and a grandmother and Aunt Anna.

The second being Frank Todd, whom I assume is connected to the Jimmy Todd.

My first intial google search comes up empty for Emmit Clark. (more on his search later)

Frank Todd I am interested to learn more about since my great grandmother was a Todd.

One of Frank’s postcards dated May 28, 1944 from Richmond, Virginia.

“My Dearest Ida,
Just a line to let you know
I am ok. Hope you are the same.
Will write more as I can.
Must close as they are yelling Fall out!
Bye Love,

Colorful novelty cards of the time with simple notes of hope written on the back to those left behind at home.

Maybe it is my love of history and the mystery, but I want to find out more about Emmit and Frank. Two young men who once served our country and share their story.
Here is hoping I find more clues about these two “pals.”
Until then enjoy these wonderful postcards of memories!